“Teamwork is a key element in harnessing the collective strengths of individuals
to achieve common objectives”

Meet the Team

Being a partner and business owner with Evolve Resources has helped me grow both professionally and personally. I started my career in recruitment within the IT field and then moved into healthcare more than 20 years ago. Having dreamed of one day establishing our own firm, when the opportunity suddenly presented itself, Nancy and I jumped at the challenge.  

We brought with us some of our former staff, Christina and Ceil, who rose from primarily administrative roles to running the operations of our company and spearheading our social media respectively. We were able to grow and add additional staff, Carey, Crystal, and Hollie, who have excelled in their roles in client and candidate development. Being a part of this wonderful team, collaborating, and sharing ideas has led to more innovative solutions in our recruitment endeavors and fosters a sense of camaraderie.

I will always be a “hands-down” recruiter at heart, no matter what my title. I value that “personal touch” and love connecting people with that perfect career move and finding the candidates who are the best fit for our clients’ open positions. This win-win for clients and candidates is deeply gratifying to me and a driving force in my professional life. Contributing to company growth as a leader has given me an even deeper sense of pride and accomplishment.    

It is my goal to be a part of creating a positive and rewarding work environment for our Evolve Resources family and to be an excellent, outcomes/results-oriented resource for our clients and candidates alike.

Anita Pate

Before embarking on the adventure of becoming a partner at Evolve Resources, my role was that of a recruiter, running a full desk for 20 years. As one of the partners who started Evolve Resources, I have had the opportunity to do much more. I love my team and encourage them to grow professionally and personally. I reflect on how much the initial team – Anita, Christina, Ceil, and myself – have stretched ourselves and all the accomplishments we have achieved. Carey, Crystal, and Hollie have all come on board, and it feels like they have been with us since the beginning. Seeing how everyone has grown is impressive; and when you see your team grow, it is satisfying.

We have brought new software, databases, videos, improved social media, diversity training, automation, and more. We have helped many clients find outstanding candidates, and we have helped candidates find the perfect positions. I have a saying that I believe with all my heart: “At the end of the day, if the client is happy, the candidate is happy, and we will be twice as happy.” Yes, we are here to make money for our families; but by putting the clients and the candidates first, the money will come.

My dream for Evolve Resources is to provide excellent recruitment services and be the firm healthcare professionals want to partner with because they know we will deliver results.


Nancy Waker

Bringing over 15 years of operational expertise, I am privileged to hold the role of Senior Director of Operations at Evolve Resources. Throughout my career, I’ve consistently honed my skills with an emphasis on software, data quality and control, communication, and relationship development.

I’ve been fortunate to work in various roles, including as an IT liaison. This experience has given me a complete understanding of how to offer comprehensive support across all aspects of operations. In my current position, I support and lead the creation, implementation, and refinement of operational policies and procedures. Having the freedom to shape and enhance our operational framework is a responsibility I embrace with enthusiasm.

Working with an amazing team and leadership has been a true pleasure. Together, we understand the challenges of healthcare and the importance of working together to achieve great results. Our passion and commitment inspire us to deliver exceptional outcomes.

Christina Benas

Sr. Director of Operations

My journey at Evolve Resources began as a Resource Specialist, where I gained a deep understanding of the company’s culture, values, and recruitment processes. My commitment to excellence and ability to consistently exceed expectations led to my promotion to Recruiter this year.

I am adept at building relationships with hiring managers and candidates, sourcing top talent from diverse channels and conducting comprehensive assessments to identify the best fit for each role.

I am always eager to learn new skills and techniques to enhance my effectiveness as a Recruiter; and I am confident that my experience, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence will continue to drive my success in this field.

Carey Allen

Certified Diversity and Inclusion Recruiter (CDR)

In my current role with Evolve Resources, I serve as a Resource Specialist. The experience has been incredibly rewarding as I play a pivotal role in connecting talented candidates with our clients. Building meaningful and authentic relationships with both candidates and clients has been a highlight, and I am eager to continue fostering these connections.

My journey with the company began by assisting recruiters with candidate searches and appointment scheduling. Progressing into the role of a Resource Specialist, my responsibilities include identifying potential candidates for job opportunities. This involves not only conducting candidate searches but also engaging in brief interviews to validate information related to their professional experience, skills, achievements, and the type of positions and organizations they are seeking. The insights gathered are then shared with recruiters to assess their suitability for our clients.

My background in the medical field, coupled with my current role in healthcare recruiting and resourcing, has provided me with a deep understanding of the unique needs of both our clients and candidates.

Hollie Walker

Resource Specialist

I started my tenure with the founding partners of Evolve Resources under a previous owner/healthcare recruiting firm as an administrative assistant, mainly performing job searches, resume review and editing, and reference preparation. With the establishment of Evolve Resources, my role initially expanded to include social media posts. Under the guidance and encouragement of Anita and Nancy, I have participated in social media and marketing training sessions, leading to the evolution of my responsibilities to include the management of all social media and website content. 

At Evolve Resources, our leadership prioritizes employee growth and staff development. One noteworthy feature of working for this company is their steadfast support, as they actively encourage and empower you to participate in any training you deem necessary to enhance your skills.

Ceil Langel

Ceil Langel, Administrative/Social Media Coordinator