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Communication Etiquette In the Workplace

Effective communication is essential to a productive working environment. If you want to display courtesy with your communication in the workplace, it’s important to adhere to rules of communication etiquette to ensure that others receive your messages as you intend.

We’ve put together some helpful tips for you to get you started:
• Return phone calls and emails within 24 hours, even if only to say that you will provide requested information at a later time.

• Ask before putting someone on speakerphone. Consider that the person at the other end of the line may believe it’s a private conversation; therefore, observe proper protocol so as not to cause embarrassment to that person.

• Personalize your voicemail. There’s nothing worse than just hearing a phone number on someone’s voicemail and not knowing if you’re leaving a message with the correct person. People may not even leave messages.

• When emailing, use the subject box; and make sure it directly relates to what you are writing. This ensures ease in finding it later and a potentially faster response.

• Avoid and discourage gossip. Gossip in the workplace can quickly undermine morale and erode positive team dynamics. Lead by example and avoid indulging in it, and politely discourage others from doing so if it comes up in conversation.

• Encourage dialog. Communication should be a two-way street. Urge team members to ask questions, give feedback, and volunteer their thoughts and ideas. Pay close attention when they do, carefully considering their responses before providing your own.

• When communicating in person, let the other person know you’re listening and engaged by maintaining eye contact and avoiding multitasking during your conversation.

The most important thing you can do to help your team improve is to lead by example. Interacting with you and observing how well you conduct yourself in the workplace will help your team members pick up on the subtler points of business communication etiquette and adjust their behavior accordingly.